About KGVM

Gallatin Valley Community Radio

For us, the idea of community radio is simple. It is stories by, for, and about local thinkers and doers; local musicians, writers, and artists; students, teachers, politicians, and businesspeople; everyone making their lives in this place, Gallatin Valley, Montana. It is programs on area culture and history, on community issues and opinions, and also on national or international concerns that impact us. It is what we collectively make it.

Start Something That Matters*

Our goal is to gather and share these voices we care about. We have applied for and been granted an FCC license to build a 5000-watt, non-commercial radio station to cover the Gallatin Valley, including Manhattan, Belgrade, and Bozeman. We are now raising money to buy antenna, transmitter, and audio equipment, and to rent tower and studio space. If you’d like to help build this radio station, please join us, support us, and spread the word.

Join Us

We welcome and depend on your participation in creating KGVM. On this website you will find examples of content we are already producing. If you have your own programming ideas, we want to hear from you. This website provides on-demand listening and a historical archive, and will soon be home to live streaming. What do you want to hear? What would you like to create? What are you waiting for?

Send your questions, ideas, and suggestions

Contact (Plain)

* From the title of a book by Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s Shoes.