Bracing support for public radio

General Stanley McChrystal minces no words. Following are some of his statements about public media, written for the New York Times. We were so impressed, we were moved to share on Facebook.

“Public broadcasting makes our nation smarter, stronger and, yes, safer. It’s a small public investment that pays huge dividends for Americans.”

“I see public media as a lever. It pushes people by elevating them and their sights. It brings them into more thinking and understanding, and it brings us together.”

“We need public media that acts as our largest classroom. We need broadcasting that treats us as citizens, not simply as consumers.”

Read the full article at the Times.

The argument for radio

Naturally, we at KGVM are strong believers in the power of the human voice to connect people. Support for that position comes from Nicholas Epley, a social psychologist at the University of Chicago, who has carried out studies showing that “it’s easy to make enemies of people we only read about.”

What we found was that you tended to dehumanize the other person more when you just read what they had to say … you create a more ambiguous medium of interaction and you tend to evaluate the other person in line with the views that you already have. You think they’re idiots. But as soon as you actually give them a voice—you can hear what they have to say—then we found that people didn’t dehumanize the other side at all. That is, they rated them as just as thoughtful, as intelligent, as a person on their own side who shared the same belief that they did.

In the 2-minute video below, Epley talks about understanding and change.

Read (and hear!) more at the Nautilus blog, Facts so Romantic.

Religion Comes to the Gallatin Valley

In this informative 20-minute talk, Sandra Oldendorf tells us about the early history of religious activities in this area, starting from the Native Americans. Listen here.

This talk is from a series of recordings from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bozeman, many of which are of general interest.

KGVM is coming to 95.9 FM!

We have big news: After waiting 5 years for the FCC to act, we have been granted approval to establish a high-power, non-commercial FM radio station right here in the Gallatin Valley. The station will be KGVM (Gallatin Valley Montana), at 95.9 on the FM dial.

We hope you are as excited as we are! It’s time to shake ourselves off and move on to the next phase of Gallatin Valley Community Radio. We really hope you will be involved. We have a wonderful opportunity to get KGVM on the air, but we will need help. There are a many ways to participate, from serving on the advisory board to fund raising to volunteer coordinating to preparing programming. If you would like join us, please contact us today!