Art as an Economic Driver Edit

The January 13, 2017 Wonderlust Friday Forum features Bozeman City Commissioner and art advocate Cyndy Andrus, along with Sheri Jarvis, Program Director for Montana Artrepreneur’s Program (MAP). Cyndy and Sheri discuss “Art as an Economic Driver” – how does public art impact the community? Is it just entertainment or does it have an economic, cultural, and educational component, as well?

Sheri will introduce MAP, a program offered through the Montana Arts Council and which is revered throughout the country in the art world. It is a unique program to help artists develop a sustainable business in the arts that is taught by working artists to artists.

Cyndy, who recently returned from China on an art exchange, is Bozeman Deputy Mayor and former Convention & Visitor Bureau Director for the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce. She also serves on the Tourism Advisory Council, the Montana Heritage Commission, and chair of the Montana Arts Council, as well as on the board of directors for the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and the board of the Western States Arts Federation.

Sheri has a degree in organizational communication and fine art from MSUB. She grew up in Glasgow and is a practicing artist.

Friday Forum is a monthly speaker series sponsored by Wonderlust, a non-profit organization dedicated to life-long learning affiliated with MSU’s Extended University. The Forum is hosted by the Bozeman Library Foundation.

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