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Tad Bradley was raised on a forestry college campus in the Adirondack Park of New York State, his best friend a female black lab. They spent most of their time exploring the 14,000 acre campus. After attending three separate colleges he somehow landed in Montana to study architectural design…his masters-degree research studying the psychological effect/affects of space. From the forest and lakes, to the fourth largest state, to design firms in Boston and Bozeman to becoming a passionate educator/artist and now…..all because of that internal voice within us all that pushes and pulls and inspires us to make difficult and intimidating decisions.

Tad spoke of this path, lessons learned, and showed one project bringing art, psychology, empathy, disability, music, and education together.

Recorded at the Bozeman Public Library on January 5, 2018. To view a video recording of the talk, visit the 406 Creatives archive.

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