MSU Faculty Senate Debates Koch-Funded Center Edit

The MSU Faculty Senate meeting on November 1, 2017 was devoted mostly to discussion of a proposed Center for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis (CRAEA) funded by the Charles Koch Foundation. Because of strong public interest, we provide a recording of the meeting despite the poor audio quality obtainable. Among many questions and comments, more extended contributions included the following:

Senate discussion
00:00 .  Abigail Richards and Michael Babcock (overview)
13:50 .  Eric Belasco
21:33, 23:37 .  Jessi Smith
25:49   Kevin Repasky
52:23   Eric Austin

Public comments
1:01:35 .  James Goetz
1:11:54 .  Garrett Egnew
1:23:22 .  Steve Kirchhoff

A number of related documents are provided on the Faculty Senate web page:

CRAEA Level II Proposal
CRAEA Mission Values and Expectations
Summary of CRAEA Activities and Institutional Controls
CRAEA Proposal FAQ


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