Steven Ramirez | The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty: Restoring Law and Order on Wall Street Edit

U. of Chicago Law Professor, Steven Ramirez, writes:

The government’s explanation for the lack of prosecutions (after the Financial Crisis of 2008) is incoherent and unprincipled. From an historic point of view, the lack of prosecutions is also inexplicable. and that this failure to pursue any of the manifest criminal misconduct amounts to an historic breakdown in the rule of law without any colorable justification.

He lays out precisely how and why criminal charges can, and should, be brought for the fraud and malfeasance perpetrated on the American public, and indeed nearly destroying the world economic order, and yet not a single senior executive has been indicted on any criminal charges, although ample evidence was provided to the Department of Justice and other agencies with the power to penalize wrong doing. As they note, in many cases, the statute of limitations has not run out.

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