TRIBAL JUSTICE – Anne Makepeace & Yurok Tribal Judge Abbby Abinanti Edit

Award winning independent film maker, Anne Makepeace, discusses her film TRIBAL JUSTICE, with one of the two Tribal Court Judges it features – Chief Yurok Tribal Court Judge, Abby Abinanti. Also featured in the film, is Quechan Tribal Court Judge, Claudette White. They discuss some of the issues and cases explored in the film.

Judge Abby Abinanti was the first tribal female to be accepted to the Bar in CA in 1974. The Yurok Tribe is located in the lush, green coastal area below the OR border. The Quechan Tribe is in the dry desert land bordering AZ & Mexico. Their determination to achieve restorative justice in a dominant culture more focused on retribution makes for a compelling narrative. Their success is influencing the state legal community.

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