Cultural Geography of Medicine Wheel Country Edit

The Northern Plains region of North America, widely regarded for its sublime combination of majestic mountain ranges and sweeping prairies and stunning endless blue skies, is truly Medicine Wheel Country. All of the climatic and environmental elements of this most grand and extreme landscape have imbued human cultural values and societal norms for well over 13,000 years. The essential characteristics of the Medicine Wheel Country have endured beyond colonization and the manifestations remain evident and relevant today; embodied in the ancient and commonly practiced ceremonies of the Sundance and give-away, and reflected in mainstream secular institutions like Montana’s 1972 Constitution and contemporary stream access laws. Dr. Shane Doyle, Apsaalooke, will comment on the distinguishing cultural voices and sensibilities that have endured under the Big Sky, and within the circle of community.

This lecture was sponsored by Victoria York. Presented at the Museum of the Rockies on May 25, 2017. 

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