Montana’s Race Problem: Facing our Past and Transforming our Future Together Edit

Racial divides and prejudices continue to plague not only the nation, but also closer to home in Montana. As we struggle to understand the how and why of our sordid history and current reality, Judith Heilman, Executive Director of Montana Racial Equity Project, sheds light on the issues facing historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed people’s in Montana, including Native Americans. Joining her will be Aspen Hougen, Montana Racial Equity Project instructor of the “Dismantling Hatred” workshop. Judith and Aspen lead a discussion on transformational change in the personal, social, systemic, and structural arenas. They also address the issue of media overload — both social media and advertising — and how that affects our collective views of race.

The Friday Forum is a monthly speaker series sponsored by MSU Wonderlust, a lifelong learning program of the MSU Extended University. The Forum is hosted by the Bozeman Public Library, where this event was recorded on November 17, 2017.

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