Taking the Pulse of Greater Yellowstone: Successes and Challenges in Sustaining a Wildland Ecosystem in the 21st Century Edit

Yellowstone is famous for being the world’s first national park, one of the largest temperate wildlands, including all native species, and a role model for wildlife management. But like wildlands globally, Yellowstone is facing increasing human pressure and climate change. Andrew Hansen, professor in the Department of Ecology and director of the Landscape Biodiversity Lab at Montana State University, discusses the concept of “greater” in the moniker Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the impact of people in the wildlands, trends in vital signs of ecological health and ways forward in the coming century.

This talk was co-sponsored by the Center for Western Lands and Peoples, an interdisciplinary research center at Montana State University, and the Burton K. Wheeler Center for Public Policy. Recorded at Museum of the Rockies on December 5, 2017.

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