Wonderlust Side Trip – Art Runs Through It: The Legend of Livingston, Montana Edit

Livingston, Montana has long been a legendary arts center–home to actors, writers, painters, musicians, photographers and film makers. Wonderlust, Journeys of the Mind, an organization of lifelong learners sponsored by Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University, and Country Bookstore presented a panel on February 27, 2012 that discussed whether the extraordinary scenery of the Paradise Valley draws artists to this small town or whether it all happened accidentally. Residents from all these fields talked about the near-mystical draw of Livingston.

Moderator: Joanne Gardner, an award-winning video director and producer of music videos, singer, performer
Members of the Panel
Clyde Aspevig–artist who has exhibited in many museums, including MOR
Tim Cahill–outdoor and adventure writer, author 12 books including Lost in My Own Backyard founding editor of Outside Magazine.
Carol Guzman–artist who has exhibited in sundry galleries and museums
Margo Kidder–actress “Lois Lane” of the Superman series, starred in many films including costarring with Robert Redford and Peter Fonda.
Scott McMillion–author Mark of the Grizzly, senior editor of Montana Quarterly
Bill Payne, musician and photographer. He has been referred to by Elton John as one of America’s finest rock and blues musicians and is regarded as one of the best on piano and Hammond B3 organ.

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